Why the #EUFSCDigitalSummit2020 was a success?

Nov 15, 2020 | European Fire Safety Community, Events, News

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Juliette Albiac, Fire Safe Europe’s Managing Director reflects on the European Fire Safety Community’s Digital Summit 2020. She explains why she deems this online event was a success; from a multitude of participants to the numerous interactions between attendees.


Our digital event rocked and here is why.

On 29 October, Fire Safe Europe organised the first digital summit for our European Fire Safety Community members. The Community was launched in 2019, and initially, we had planned to organise a physical event to meet our members and to get to know each other. The event would also be a space for members to share their views and contribute to our ambitious project to develop a rating scheme for fire safety in buildings. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we went all digital, and I am proud to say that the Fire Safety Community members and the FSEU Team rocked it. Here I’m sharing why we consider it a success. This post is not about how we did it – if you are interested in the technical and communications aspects, let me know under comments, and we will share useful tips.

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