What if… fire and smoke had no chance – campaign by FOAMGLAS

Jul 3, 2018 | News

What if… fire and smoke had no chance – campaign by FOAMGLAS

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) member Owens Corning FOAMGLAS is currently carrying out a campaign “What if… fire and smoke had no chance”. The aim of this campaign is to show that fire safety in buildings is a major stake for society. FSEU asked a few questions about the campaign to An Saenen, Head of Marketing Communication.

How did you come up with the idea of this campaign?

Fire safety has been high on our agenda for many years, but the communication around it was mostly very technical. We understood that the best way to raise awareness about fire safety we needed to find a way to relate to our audiences more by showcasing the disastrous consequences a fire can have. 

What is the goal of the campaign?

The goal of the campaign is raising awareness about the importance of fire safety in buildings, as well as pointing out the responsibility we bear as industry to ensure it. We believe that it is up to all involved parties to make smart and safe decisions: from architects who should design keeping fire safety in mind, to investors and contractors who should not sacrifice fire safety to lower the costs, to manufacturers who should invest in developing the best fire safe solutions at a reasonable price. It is a joined responsibility, and everyone should be aware of the role they play and the influence they have on people’s safety.

How have you implemented the campaign?

We are especially focusing on digital communication. We created and promoted a dedicated page on our website, on which we aim to publish regularly new content: local fire incidents, third party fire reports, a movie that we are going to shoot from our façade fire test.

What were the reactions?

Most of the reactions were positive, some even wildly enthusiastic! However, not everybody was happy with such an emotional campaign. We were aware that it may provoke different opinions and debates, but this is exactly what we wanted: people discussing fire safety.

Do you think the campaign is having an impact?

Yes, I do feel that the campaign is having an impact, especially in specific countries. In general, people are talking more about the issue of fire safety – which is also helping the campaign.

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