Toxic smoke turning EU firefighters into cancer sufferers

May 20, 2015 | News, Smoke Toxicity

(Published by Pavel Poc, The Parliament Magazine)

Europe’s insufficient construction regulations and lack of work-related compensation is exposing EU firefighters to the risk of cancer and suffering, warns Pavel Poc.

Fire is both fascinating and dreadful and represents one of the oldest and most menacing threats to our daily life. As such, fire safety is an appealing subject. Nonetheless, not many people know that most casualties in a fire are caused not by the flames directly, but rather by smoke.

Data from across the globe indicate that toxic fumes from fires are responsible for more than half of all fire-related injuries or deaths.

Moreover, even fewer people know that the deadly potential of smoke is not limited to the fire itself. If in the short-term fumes and gases may impede evacuation and kill victims on the spot due to their burning, irritating and asphyxiate effects, in the long run survivors may suffer and die from toxic smoke post-exposure traumas, such as pulmonary complications and, above all, cancer.

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