The European Commission forms two Project Teams for the FIEP

May 28, 2018 | FIEP, News

The European Commission’s DG GROW has announced the creation of two Project Teams with representatives from Member States and firefighters. The objective of the Project Teams is elaborating proposals for the plenary of the Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP).

The Project Teams

  • Project Team on the exchange of experience from fire accidents between Member States: This Project Team will focus on the exchange of experience between Member States, lessons learned from fire events, and possibly initiating Member States regulators to re-examine their fire safety regulations, their enforcement, and any need to update their regulations.
  • Project Team on regulatory approach on new products and tall buildings: This Project Team will focus on the exchange of experience between Member States on regulatory challenges emerging from new products, from new ways of construction, and the fire safety of tall buildings.

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) will contribute to the work of both Project Teams.

The timeline

  • June 2018: first meeting of the two Project Teams
  • September 2018: second meeting of the two Project Teams
  • Autumn 2018: FIEP Plenary

About the FIEP

The European Commission launched the FIEP last year with the objective of stimulating the cooperation among Member States as well as allowing the exchange of best practices and lessons learnt between Member States and relevant stakeholders in the field fire safety.

The first meeting of the FIEP took place in Brussels on 16 October 2017 and had more than 80 participants, including representatives from Member States and various European associations. The European Commission’s DG GROW announced the official areas for cooperation earlier this year.

FSEU supports the FIEP

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) is fully supportive of the FIEP and is looking forward to further collaboration with the platform.

Is there anything specific you would like to be addressed within the FIEP? Do you have any data or information you would like to share? Please contact us at [email protected]