Starting 2021 with a new Fire Safe Europe’s leadership

Jan 26, 2021 | News

Starting 2021 with a new Fire Safe Europe’s leadership

As of January 2021, Dr Paul Langford (Hilti) is the new President of Fire Safe Europe and will team up with Mr Claus Bugge Garn (ROCKWOOL group) as Fire Safe Europe’s Vice-President.

Dr Paul Langford has been part of Fire Safe Europe since 2018 and was elected as Fire Safe Europe President in 2021. He brings his strong technical background and experience from working in diverse positions, from Specialist Fire Contractor to Supply, including Sales, Marketing and Research and Development. He also contributes substantial expertise on Fire Codes and Standards, covering design, construction, inspection and maintenance. Dr Paul Langford is Head of Business Unit Fire Protection, at Hilti.

As for Mr Claus Bugge Garn, he has been an active member since Fire Safe Europe was founded in 2011 and became Vice-President of Fire Safe Europe in 2021. Throughout the years, he has provided sound knowledge and recommendations on many fire safety topics, acquired through his own professional experience at the top as Vice President of Rockwool International.

Fire Safe Europe’s Core Team has also been renewed this year. Former members Mr Kees Both (ETEX) and Mr Markus Schneider (Hilti), have been joined by Ms Susanne Dyrbøl (ROCKWOOL Group) and Ms Yosr Melki (Knauf International).

Mr Kees Both is heading Fire Safe Europe technical chair and brings with panache his knowledge and wide experience in different fields of fire safety. He has an extensive track record, from writing technical articles to heading important committees in fire safety, through occupying several highly technical positions in major companies. Kees is Manager Standards & Regulations, senior project leader, member management team at ETEX Building Performance – Innovation and Technology Centre.

Mr Markus Schneider has joined Fire Safe Europe’s team in 2018 and has been a member of its Core Team since. He contributes his deep technical knowledge of fire-stopping and extensive experience on codes. He is Code & Approval Manager at Hilti and also the convener of various European Norm groups, closely involved with several European bodies related to fire.

Ms Susanne Dyrbøl has been a member of Fire Safe Europe’s Core Team since 2020. She advises Fire Safe Europe on policy and regulatory questions concerning energy efficiency and fire safety in buildings. She has a scientific background and has a long experience with EU regulation – Ms Susanne Dyrbøl is Public Affairs Director, Group Regulatory at ROCKWOOL Group.

Ms Yosr Melki has joined Fire Safe Europe’s Core Team in January 2021 and is heading Fire Safe Europe communications chair. She has 15 years’ experience in the construction sector and has strong technical expertise. She is specialised in reading and analysing regulations and market trends to set the right strategies. She is Director of Marketing and Communications for Knauf Insulation Western Europe and Ms Yosr Melki brings her technical and communication expertise to the Core Team.

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