Start of the Fire Safety Rating Scheme’s Work Packages missions

Mar 30, 2021 | News

On 29 October 2020, Fire Safe Europe presented to fire safety stakeholders the flagship project of the European Fire Safety Community for 2021: Developing a Fire Safety Rating Scheme. The conception of this project started in February 2020 with the creation of the Steering Committee made of Amaya Osacar (FSEU), Birgitte Messerschmidt (NFPA), Gary Strong (IFSS), Miroslav Smolka (EAPFP), Susan Lamont (Arup) and Yannick Le Tallec (Efectis). The Steering Group dedicated time to refine the concept of the project and develop its implementation plan. First, this collaboration led to the agreement that the project should build upon the work of the International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) Coalition and its five fire safety principles. Second, it was decided to split the work into different Work Packages, all feeding into the development of a standalone Fire Safety Rating Scheme:

  • Work Package 1 “Tech Fire Safety Up”: The aim is to use digital tools and big data analysis for the fire safety assessment of a vast part of the building stock. Through the data collection, we will also aim to sensitise everyday citizens to the importance of fire safety.
  • Work Package 2 “Building a model fire safety assessment”: The objective is to build a model to evaluate the specific fire safety level of buildings.
  • Work Package 3 “A Fire Safety Module for sustainability rating schemes”: The aim is to offer to green buildings rating scheme stakeholders a ready-made fire safety module for existing rating schemes.
  • Work Package 4 “Standalone rating scheme”: The goal is to offer a relative scoring system to inform consumers on the level of fire safety of a building based on a holistic evaluation of buildings through a series of key requirements.

The project’s presentation to stakeholders at the European Fire Safety Community Digital Summit 2020 was the opportunity to gain feedback from attendees to enlighten the future development of the three Work Packages.

The first trimester of 2021 has enabled the formation of the different groups from the European Fire Safety Community that will work on the different Work Packages and ensure their representativity as well as the relevance of the participants’ expertise. Each Work Packages is now starting to work on their tasks to be finalised by end 2021.

For regular updates on the Work Packages progress, go to the European Fire Safety Community.