PRESS RELEASE: Fire experts and regulators shape the future of facades fire safety at FSF international conference

May 13, 2016 | Facades, News, Press Release

(Published by Fire Safe Europe)

Lund, May 11th – 13th: Fire experts and regulators from all over the world gathered in Lund, Sweden, for the second International Conference for Fire Safety of Facades, to discuss and shape the future of fire safety of buildings cladding.

The conference, organised by CSTB and SP Fire Research Sweden, provided a forum for international engineers, scientists, practitioners, manufacturers and regulators to share the knowledge acquired through research results and studies, to hear about the latest state of the art papers and to exchange and develop ideas with peers on regulation and standardisation work, test and assessment methods, fire safety engineering, and construction products for façade systems.

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU), sponsor of the conference, launched a survey on fire safety of facades, to gather world leading experts thoughts and opinions on facades fire test methods.

Test methods – key topic at the conference

Test methods were a key topic at the conference, as well as the focus of one of the introductory workshop sessions.

With increased requirements to the energy performance of buildings, facades systems are changing, and so is their fire behaviour”, pointed out Birgitte Messerschmidt, Chair of Fire Safe Europe Technical Task Force and co-author of a study on the Influence of fire barriers on fire performance of facades with combustible insulation presented by the University of Zagreb.

“Appropriate test methods and classification systems for facades are paramount to ensure energy saving and citizens’ fire safety. However, the existing harmonised test methods in the EU fails to predict the behaviour of construction products in real-life scenarios”, explains Messerschmidt. “Fire Safe Europe calls the European Commission to adopt one harmonised, performance-based, large-scale fire test for building facades, ensuring an acceptable level of fire safety in EU Member States.”

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