How to foster a sustainable future through green buildings?

May 6, 2020 | European Fire Safety Community, Events, News, Sustainability

The Sustainable Buildings Advisory Panel of the European Fire Safety Community is launching its Podcast called “Fire resilience: a solution to the green buildings debate”.

The first episode is titled “How to foster a sustainable future through green buildings?“.

In this Podcast, we exchanged with Ms Fanny Guay, who is the Chair of the Advisory Panel on Sustainable Buildings and Public Affairs Manager for fire safety at ROCKWOOL Group. Through her career, she acquired substantial expertise on buildings’ and cities’ resilience and has published several articles on the topic.
Together, we reflected upon sustainable buildings, the role of fire resilience when it comes to green buildings, the tools that exist today to assess a building’s sustainability and on how fire resilience could strengthen the EU Green Deal initiatives on renovation and energy efficiency.

The Sustainable Buildings Advisory Panel is a high-level group which allows you to work towards a truly sustainable future by reframing the debate on buildings’ sustainability through the insertion of a fire resilience dimension. Its aim is on several fronts:
– Raising awareness of the fact that fire resilience is an intricate part of sustainability;
– Monitoring the evolution of the EU Green Deal and regulation and legislation on buildings;
– Exchanging with sustainable buildings experts to identify potential best practices, ideas or challenges to factor fire resilience in sustainable buildings.

You can find more about the Advisory Panel by becoming of one of its members.

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