New Fire Protection of buildings Regulation comes into effect in Greece

Jun 22, 2018 | News

“Fire Safety Around Europe”

Fire safety is a national competence and Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) is on a mission to show through a series of blogposts what is being done at national level, what can be learned and shared as best practices from our countries.

Our 1st post comes from our Greek colleagues. Let’s check out what is happening there!

New Fire Protection of buildings Regulation comes into effect in Greece

On 7 August 2018 a new Regulation in Fire Protection in Building will take effect in Greece. This piece of legislation aims to protect Greek citizens and buildings against fire. The Hellenic Institute for the Fire Safety of Structures (ELIPYKA) advises though additional steps need to be taken to ensure its effectiveness.

The Greek government adds a new piece of legislation in fire protection of buildings

Greece is facing weaknesses and lack of effective control of its construction market by the competent state authorities in the field of fire safety. The previous and out-of-date regulation of 1988 was not correctly enforced. This resulted in market de-regulation, increasing potentially dangerous construction practices.

Hence a new Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings was published in the state publications last May 2018 (PD 41/2018) and will take effect as from 7 August 2018.

ELIPYKA (Hellenic Institute for the Fire Safety of Structures) supports the new regulation as being an important first step forward for fire safety in Greece.  It offers a modern framework, swiftly drawing from international experience.

Still, as ELIPYKA stressed it, the following steps need to be taken in order to ensure its effectiveness:

  • Establishment of an inspection/ fire control/ inspection inspectorate mechanism,
  • Establishment of a fire properties certification body,
  • Establishment of adequate test control procedures,
  • Improvement of the regulation in several ways based on the mission of protecting people and property, especially in sensitive buildings (schools, hospitals, students’ homes, popular meeting points, etc.).

New national association:  Hellenic Institute for Fire Safety of Structures (ELIPYKA)

The Hellenic Institute for the Fire Safety of Structures (ELIPYKA) was newly formed in Greece last February. The purpose of ELIPYKA is to promote fire protection standards while researching and proposing measures to improve them in order to prevent loss of life and property.

ELIPYKA’s founding members are industrial producers, fire brigade representatives, university professors and technical institutes dealing with fire tests, technical construction companies and real estate developers.

Part of the scope of the institute is to work closely with national and international public and private bodies, authorities, organisations and all relevant stakeholders.

Fire Safe Europe welcomes ELIPYKA and looks forward to working together to improve fire safety in buildings!