Protecting people and property. What can we learn from Dubai’s fire?

Mar 3, 2016 | News

(Published by Anđelka Toto Ormuž on Lider)

What an important role building facades play in the spread of fire, it was reminded to us once again by the blaze that devastated the Address Hotel in Dubai on New Year’s Eve, writes FSEU member Anđelka Toto-Ormuž.

This case shows us that the legislation not only does not go ahead, but it does not even follow the rapid development of new building materials and technologies in the construction sector. Unfortunately, we often see that the laws and regulations change only after a tragedy.

“This brings back to my memory the words of the Mayor of Zlatar Bistrica, a Croatian town where the school sports hall burned to the ground just a few hours after the fire in Dubai,” writes Anđelka. The Mayor sadly commented “We built it for years, and it disappeared in two or three hours.”

This time when climate and energy security concerns are prompting extensive building renovation programmes offers the EU an unprecedented opportunity to act and improve the fire safety of its built environment. Let’s not wait for tragedies to happen. If we want to have truly sustainable buildings, we must make sure they are both energy-efficient and safe in case of fire.

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