JOINT PRESS RELEASE: MDM Publishing and Fire Safe Europe join forces to enhance European fire safety

Mar 30, 2021 | Featured, News

Brussels, 30 March 2021: The Directors of Fire Safe Europe and MDM Publishing Ltd are delighted to announce an agreement that will see the MDM portfolio of print magazines and associated websites become global media partners of Fire Safe Europe. The partnership will enable both organisations to expand the reach of their fire safety messages and will increase awareness of citizens and policy-makers about fire safety challenges.

MDM is the world’s largest independent fire sector publisher with the following brands:

Founded in 2011, (FSEU) is the first European Association advocating for fire safety in buildings for people and society with an active community of fire experts. FSEU is the European hub for expertise, networking and resources on fire safety in buildings.

As part of the partners’ commitment to continue raising awareness on fire safety, MDM Publishing outlets will publish articles from FSEU and the European Fire Safety Community that focus either on technical aspects of fire safety or educational purposes.

In its ten years of existence, Fire Safe Europe’s work, has been instrumental in improving European fire safety, in particular on files such as the Construction Products Regulation, facades, smoke toxicity, as well as building’s sustainability. End of 2019, it created the European Fire Safety Community to gather on a permanent online platform the fire safety expertise existing in the sector and collectively take fire safety to the next level. With its 630+ members ranging from academics to fire engineer, firefighters and businesses, the European Fire Safety Community is a unique and participatory network, an information hub as well as a policy-framing hive.

Juliette Albiac, Fire Safe Europe’s Managing Director, says  “We are very happy of this collaboration with MDM Publishing which will bolster our efforts to raise awareness on fire safety issues and advance fire safety for all EU citizens. People believe that buildings today are safer. Yet, building fires are now bigger, still unpredictable, and even more lives and health-threatening than before. Many of the current regulatory requirements around buildings’ fire safety do not provide an adequate level of fire protection for European citizens.”

David Staddon, Director and co-founder of MDM Publishing, said, “It is a real privilege for MDM to be collaborating with such a fantastic initiative. We are delighted that we can provide the team at Fire Safe Europe with opportunities to spread the fire safety message through our print titles and on our websites.”

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