Join the European Fire Safety Community to take action on fire safety

Nov 18, 2019 | European Fire Safety Community, News

Fire Safe Europe began 2019 with the philosophy #Together4FireSafety. With the ingrained conviction that we all have a role to play to improve fire safety in buildings, we have invited policymakers, the construction industry, architects, fire safety engineers, firefighters, building owners, and citizens to join a community that acts for fire safety in buildings.

Working together on concrete actions for fire safety requires a permanent space where people can connect, pool knowledge and work collaboratively on solutions to improve fire safety in buildings. The European Fire Safety Community offers a new, open-to-all platform.

In this LinkedIn article, our Managing Director, Juliette Albiac, tells you the story of the European Fire Safety Community project and how you can benefit from joining the 100+ people who are already part of the movement.

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