2nd International Seminar for Fire Safety of Façades in Lund (Sweden)

May 13, 2016 | Facades, News

Lund| 11-13 May 2016

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) sponsored and attended the second International Conference for Fire Safety of Facades, which brought together fire experts and regulators from all over the world to discuss and shape the future of fire safety of buildings cladding.

FSEU took this opportunity to launch a survey on fire safety of facades and gather world leading experts thoughts and opinions on facades fire test methods.

The conference, organised by CSTB and SP Fire Research Sweden, gathered over 100 fire engineers, scientists, academics, testing institutes representatives, manufacturers and regulators from more than 20 countries to discuss research results and share ideas on fire safety of facades. Half of the attendees responded to FSEU’s survey. The results reveal strong areas of agreement, as shown by the figures below.

The survey results show a strong preference among fire experts for one harmonised, large-scale and performance-based fire test, covering scenarios of fire originating from inside the room as well as from outside.