Guiding data collection efforts to improve fire safety in buildings

Jan 15, 2020 | European Fire Safety Community, FIEP, News, Publications

Based on the series of webinars’ discussions, throughout 2018 and 2019, and in support of the European Commission’s call for tender on fire safety data collection, Fire Safe Europe has identified several recommendations to guide fire data collection at EU level.

The guide has been published in the Data Collection Advisory Panel of the European Fire Safety Community.

The Data Collection Advisory Panel is a place for you to collaborate, contribute and shape the dialogue on fire safety data collection across Europe.  This Advisory Panel is open to people from different industries and sectors, who are already collecting data or who want to take part in a new adventure to collect data on fire safety at EU level. Members are invited to contribute actively to the projects, by providing feedback on the Panel’s work and sharing information on relevant development, for example, changes in regulations or standards.

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