Get your fire safety facts straight!

Jan 26, 2021 | News

Know your fire safety facts!

Facts on fire safety are essential. As modern ways of construction, new materials and technologies have increasingly developed the population sometimes feels our buildings are safer than before and that fire safety is not to be a concern anymore. Fire Safe Europe strives to fight this misconception. That’s why we use concrete facts and figures to raise-awareness on fire safety in Europe. Building fires are still a threat to our safety, and the risks associated need to be duly considered through the whole life cycle of buildings starting at the design phase.

It is crucial for EU decision-makers and EU citizens to know the facts on fire safety to make informed decisions. When we aim for climate-neutrality and a greener future it is crucial to take into account that building fires can have substantial impacts on sustainability.

In this document developed by Fire Safe Europe, you will learn more on the potential consequences of building fires on the environment, society and the economy. You will also find some national examples to illustrate the diverse fire safety realities in the European Union.



PDF Version to download.