FSEU’s recipe to convert EU decision-makers to better fire safety

Jun 5, 2019 | News

May 15 2019, the fire safety community gathered in Barcelona for the second FIRE-IN project, annual Dissemination Workshop. Fire Safe Europe took part in the fruitful exchanges between practitioners, researchers and solution providers and contributed by delivering tips for stakeholders to be heard by EU-decision makers.

Fire and Rescue Innovative Network – that’s what FIRE-IN stands for, is the first European network of its kind. With 80+ attendees from 17 countries it certainly succeeded in connecting various sectors from the Fire & Rescue fields to improve their capabilities and deliver solutions to better European citizens’ safety.

To ensure the answers that will be developed through FIRE-IN can be implemented at EU level, Fire Safe Europe gave attendees 2 tools to be heard by future EU-decision-makers:

  • Fire Safe Europe emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the EU electoral period to influence policy-makers and promote appropriate solutions.
  • The concrete way provided by Fire Safe Europe to liaise with future EU decision-makers to advance fire safety was the #Together4FireSafety campaign. Joining and registering as supporters offered stakeholders a means to amplify their fire safety messages.

Bettering EU citizens’ fire safety starts by acknowledging that “knowledge cycle is really important” as Marta Miralles (Corps of Firefighters of Catalunya) stated at the workshop. Fire Safe Europe could not agree more. Since 2016, Fire Safe Europe has been advocating to foster a European Fire Safety Strategy and in doing so has stressed the paramount importance of the collection of comparable data and of sharing best practices. Using existing information, consolidating it and exchanging it is indeed essential.

What’s next?

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FSEU's recipe to convert EU decision-makers to better fire safety