FSEU Data Webinar – Learning from other sectors where fire data is being successfully collected and analysed

Dec 7, 2018 | News, Webinar

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) held the second webinar of the data collection webinar series “Learning from other sectors where fire data is being successfully collected and analysed” on 4 December. The webinar was a success and gave much needed insight into how the maritime sector deals with fire data.

Sifis Papageorgiou offered an insightful presentation on how fire data is collected and analysed the European Maritime Safety Agency. Most specifically focusing on how the  European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) collected data on a number of fires on ro-ro decks of passenger ships and found out that the number of fires were not diminishing, leading to the launch of an initiative to perform a series of actions on the issue. Furthermore, Sifis gave a much needed insight into the shortcomings that the maritime sectors has experienced when dealing with fire data collection.

Participants asked many interesting questions, which we will keep in mind and address at a later stage.

FSEU would like to thank Sifis Papageorgiou for sharing his knowledge and for making this webinar possible.

What now?

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