FSEU Data Webinar – Learning from international organisations that gather, analyses and use fire data

Nov 28, 2018 | News, Webinar


Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) held the first webinar of the data collection webinar series “Learning from international organisations that gather, analyses and use fire data” on 6 November. The webinar was a success.

Birgitte Messerschmidt from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Dr. Moore-Merrell from the International Public Safety Data Institute, offered an insightful presentation on how fire data is collected, analysed and used at their respective international organisations. Furthermore, they also gave insight into the shortcomings that their respective organisations face in regard to data collection. Lastly, the presenters concluded that when it comes to data collection, much more can be done and is being done at their respective organisations and thus for a European fire data collection, they advice that it will be important to benefit from the lessons learned from their organisations.

Participants asked many interesting questions, which we will keep in mind and address at a later stage.

FSEU would like to thank Birgitte Messerschmidt and Dr. Moore-Merrell for sharing their knowledge and for making this webinar possible.

What now?

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