FSEU Position Paper – The review of the Construction Products Regulation: An opportunity for the EU to promote excellence in fire safety

Apr 17, 2018 | CPR, News

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is a key piece of legislation for fire safety in buildings that must be kept and strengthened. Through harmonised standards, the CPR has brought better information for consumers, more equal level of fire safety, and has removed barriers to trade.

Currently, the European Commission is carrying out a review of the CPR. This is a great opportunity to address some major fire safety issues. Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) believes that the CPR needs to be improved.

Construction products and methods have greatly evolved over the last few years and new fire risks have arisen, which must be addressed by the CPR. Smoke toxicity should be included in the harmonised testing and standards, as more than half of fatalities in fires are caused by smoke. Moreover, synergies must be found with other pieces of European legislation having an impact on fire safety.

See our position paper for more information.