FSEU Position Paper : Fire Resilience to strengthen the Renovation Wave

Aug 24, 2020 | EPBD, News, Sustainability

The Renovation Wave is a unique opportunity to make the EU building stock fit for the future. That’s why Fire Safe Europe encourages the European Commission and the Member States to ensure fire safety and fire resilience are included in the initiative and that it provides for deep and holistic renovations.

In the EU, energy use in buildings is responsible for approximately 40% of EU energy consumption, and 36% of carbon emissionsi . Yet, 75% of European buildings are energy inefficientii. As the European Commission’s Roadmap on “A Renovation Wave Initiative for public and private buildings”iii acknowledges, buildings have an essential role to play in reaching the EU’s carbon neutrality and energy-efficiency objectives. The Renovation Wave is indeed a powerful tool to make our buildings fit for the future.

The Renovation Wave is a once in a decade opportunity to improve both the sustainability and the safety of our buildings, and we must do it right. The emphasis put on “deeper renovation” and complementary dimensionsiv is crucial, and we believe the inclusion of fire safety and fire resilience in the Renovation Wave will generate valuable crossdimensional returns for individuals and society.

Check out Fire Safe Europe position on the Renovation Wave and why Fire Resilience needs to be included in the initiative.