FSEU Data webinar – Learning from pioneering EU countries

Apr 19, 2019 | News, Webinar

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) held the last webinar of the Data collection to improve fire safety in buildings webinar series “Learning from pioneering EU countries” which took place on Friday, April 19. The webinar provided an interesting insight into the Finish PRONTO system and Smart Data for Smarter Firefighting.

The speakers Bart van Leeuwen and Dr. Esa Kokki presented about two different initiatives at the EU Member States level that collects fire safety data. Dr. Esa Kokki’s presentation focused on the Finish system PRONTO which have since 1996 been used simultaneously throughout Finland to collect, understand and learn from fire incidents.

Bart van Leeuwen’s presentation gave an insight into the importance of smart data or big data analytics when it comes to successful firefighting. To conclude, the presenters stressed the importance of collecting fire data at the EU level and the need for common terminology at the EU level.

FSEU would like to thank Dr. Esa Kokki and Mr. Bart van Leeuwen for sharing their knowledge with us and for making this webinar possible.

What now?

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