Fire Safety Tour: Companies take the lead in raising awareness on regulations

Mar 13, 2018 | News

The “Fire Safety Tour”, a series of 10 seminars in Finland’s biggest cities, ran between October 2017 and January 2018. Organised by FSEU member Paroc and other companies, the goal was to raise awareness about fire safety and legislation among authorities, designers, and other professional builders.

Johanna Harila from Paroc answers a few questions about the Fire Safety Tour.

How did you come up with the idea of organising these seminars?

In Finland, new fire safety regulations came into force in January 2018. We felt the need to discuss the changes and present our new fire tested solutions, which comply with new requirements.

The Fires Safety Tour follows on from similar seminars we organised last year. Then we highlighted fire safety construction issues and were struck by the lack of awareness but also of the high interest in the topic.

How was the tour organised?

We started with a presentation about the new fire regulations and the changes brought about. Paroc and the other organising companies then presented their solutions designed according to the new regulations. All companies had a stand in front of the seminar hall where they could showcase their products and solutions to the participants.

At every event, local fire authorities or constructions supervisors had the chance to speak and give their view on the new regulations.

There were very lively discussions both during and after the seminars.

What are the outputs and key achievements?

We had about 1,300 participants, and we met our objective: we reached out to key groups, raised awareness, and provided new solutions.

Interest towards our seminar tour exceeded all our expectations and we were even asked to organise three additional seminars –  one of which specifically targeted insurance companies, and another targeted schools.

In addition, Paroc launched its new fire tested products and solutions, and this raised a lot of interest.

Finally, we believe that awareness of our fire safety expertise increased, and we received a higher number of contact requests from designers.

What was the feedback from the participants?

Very positive, both in terms of content and organisation. Participants appreciated that they could have a clear view on the new regulations and on the differences from the old ones, in a what they defined as a “compact package”. Participants were also happy to get to see our new solutions.

What did you find most interesting in this experience?

As one of the organisers, we were very pleased to find out that our seminar raised so much interest. We saw that there was definitely a need for this kind of event. After every seminar, we felt that we were doing important work – which was a great feeling!

Are you planning on organising more tours like this?

Yes, we are considering having similar events in the future as well. Let’s see what happens!

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