Fire Safety in Renovation – Summary of regulations and practice in the EU (VTT Study)

Jun 1, 2012 | News

Fire Safety and Renovation

Fire loads at renovations sites of buildings are typically larger than in normal use which leads to the increase of the risk of big fires. The time it takes for a small fire to accelerate and become a major hazard is reducing, and without adequate and comprehensive fire protection systems built in, the rapid spread of flames and toxic smoke well beyond the point of origin reduces the time available for the safe exit of the occupants, thereby putting their lives at risk. This trend also makes the rescue and fire fighting work of fire brigades more difficult and dangerous than normally.

The importance and volume of renovation of the existing building stock in Europe is all the time increasing because of the needs of energy efficiency and sustainability. Safety of people and protection of property in case of fire should not be sacrificed in this process.

This study aims to find out the state-of-the-art concerning fire safety during renovation (on-site safety) and after renovation (consequences to safety level).

A benchmark across representative EU member states was planned to be made including regulatory basis, application to local level and best practices.