Façades – Towards a harmonised testing method

The façades of our buildings have significantly evolved due to the many innovations in the building sector and many countries have struggled to keep regulations up to speed with innovation.

There is no harmonised testing method for façade systems in the EU, and the methods and regulations currently used at national level in the member countries differ greatly.

This is why since 2016, the European Commission has been developing a European approach to assess the fire performance of facades. Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) is dedicated to ensuring that the method developed is robust.

To participate in Fire Safe Europe’s work on facades, join the Facades Advisory Panel of the European Fire Safety Community.

Read further the latest FSEU position paper for more information and its series of capsules titled “Once upon time”. Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) also hosted several webinars.

Check them all out on Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) Youtube channel.

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