#EUCanBeFireSafe: Ask the EU to make our buildings fire safe

90% of fires in the EU happen in buildings and 90% of our time is spent in buildings.

After the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy in the United Kingdom, the European Parliament will discuss for the very first‐time fire safety in buildings in a meeting where both the Council and the European Commission will speak. This important meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 September 2017.

This is our chance to ask for fire safety in buildings to be improved for the benefit of all citizens. Sign the petition today, and help us make our buildings safer for all to live and work in.

We are Fire Safe Europe, a European alliance which aims to raise the profile of fire safety in buildings and we are asking the European Institutions to:

   Make changes to ensure that tests to evaluate the performance of facades in a fire are based on real‐life situations where fires can be large scale.
  Introduce requirements to test the toxic smoke from construction products, and to label those products with their results so that builders and consumers can make informed choices.
  Develop a European Fire Safety Strategy: Many EU policies impact fire safety, a focused strategy would enable the EU to have a coordinated approach to fire safety in buildings.
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