Ash Fire backs FSEU’s campaign on fire and smoke hazards

Feb 3, 2016 | News, Smoke Toxicity

(Published by ASFP – Association for Specialist Fire Protection)

Ash Fire Management CEO Paul Evans attended a meeting at the European Parliament to discuss ‘future proofing’ the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). The meeting was organised by Fire Safe Europe (FSEU), an association of fire industry experts, firefighters, EU policy makers and representatives from the fire industry and associations.

CPR shapes the fire safety standards for buildings products in the EU, yet the testing methods called on by the CPR do not always reflect real life fire behaviour of building materials. They have not been revised since 2002 and are based on data from the 90s, since when the contents of buildings, especially residential, have changed significantly with the increased use of electronic gadgetry and synthetic materials.

“When these belongings catch fire they burn differently, releasing a variety of chemicals and toxic gases,” says Paul.
“It is encouraging that the European Commission has commissioned a study into the smoke toxicity of construction materials. We are happy to see that the Commission is seeking to tackle the #1 killer in a fire.””

Read the full ASFP E-bulletin here!