1st progress report of the EU FireStat Project Consortium

Feb 24, 2021 | European Fire Safety Community, News

PUBLISHED: 1st progress report of the EU FireStat Project Consortium

On 22 January the Consortium of the Pilot Project Closing Data Gaps And Paving The Way For Pan-European Fire Safety Efforts (EUFireStat) presented its first progress report to a variety of stakeholders. This report focuses on the first five months of the project and on Task 0,1 and 2.

The aim of each task was:

  • Task 0: Gathering all the knowledge of the consortium members regarding fire statistics (source of the data, who is responsible, definition of data set, etc.) and definition of issues and limitations.
  • Task 1:¬†Create a complete inventory of the terminology used and the fire data collected on fire causes, causalities, damages, fire safety, fire prevention etc. by different authorities and by each EU Member States and the USA, Canada, Norway and Australia.
  • Task 2: Develop a questionnaire for consulting regulators and other stakeholders about the fire data needed for decision-making.

Find out more on the progress of the Consortium in our full article on the European Fire Safety Community.


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